Healing Membership Options

 Healers Unite

a division of the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers



Healers Unite offers four membership options. Each one offers use of our Membership logo

Individual dues are $35 for lifetime membership, and open to students, private individuals, or solo practitioners of a holistic modality. You will receive the membership logo, lifetime membership, and your certification as a registered holistic practitioner.


School Membership is $50 for lifetime membership, and is open to schools and those who teach online or local classes in any holistic modality.
Facility Membership is $50 for lifetime membership, and open to holistic centers around the world.
 Dual Membership with the World Metaphysical Association



This dual Membership is $65 for a lifetime membership into Healers Unite as well as The World Metaphysical Association and includes using the logos, certificates of membership, and all other offerings that come with being a member of these organizations.

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