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Healers Unite

a division of the American Council of Holistic Healers

Uniting the Healers so we can heal the World

Healers Unite Holistic Association, a division of the American Council of Holistic Healers, is an international network for students, teachers, and professionals in the holistic wellness industry.

Now more than ever there is a need for a support system for healers to meet and work with other healers from around the world. As awareness in holistic wellness expands, so do the demands increase on the holistic provider. 

To meet this need, Healers Unite offers three levels of membership, a community directory, and a resource for educational and professional referrals. Together, we can educate the public about natural and spiritual methods of maintaining and achieving health and well-being, clarify misinformation, and show others through the examples we set with our own lives, how to live life to the fullest.

Mission Statement
Healers Unite believes that we are all healers, regardless of education, religion, modality, country of origin, or belief system.  We believe that healers need to set the example for the community by coming together in harmony.

Healers Unite promotes all its members equally, knowing that we each have a unique purpose and gift to offer.  The Universe will bring to us the students, clients, and teachers we need this day and every day, so there is no need to compete with one another. We pledge to treat each new client, student, and skeptic alike with honesty, compassion, and understanding, as it is our actions as individuals that represent the entire field of holistic healing.

Membership Benefits

Lifetime Certificate of Membership

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Free distance healing sessions on request

Recognition as a Registered Holistic Practitioner

*Accreditation with American Council of Holistic Healers is available. For more information please visit www.ach-accreditation.org

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